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Something new from something old

Masonry Services: If you can dream of it built from stone, we can make it happen!

At Brandywine Designs LLC, we specialize in traditional masonry techniques, refined over years of practice, reflecting our commitment to historical craftsmanship. Our approach eschews the use of mass-produced, synthetic materials, which often fail to meet the standards of aesthetic appeal and durability our clients expect.

Our expertise is grounded in the use of authentic stone and brick, materials with a distinguished history spanning thousands of years, to construct enduring and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments. Our masons, with their extensive experience, are adept at creating outdoor living spaces and hardscapes that are both visually appealing and structurally sound. We prioritize harmony with the natural environment, employing materials that integrate seamlessly with a property's existing features, resulting in timeless and durable designs.

Our masonry work ranges from expansive patios to cozy garden walls, characterized by its resilience and beauty. These structures are designed to resist wear and tear, maintaining their integrity over time and against the evolving trends in outdoor design.

Choosing Brandywine Designs LLC means opting for a landscape design-build firm that stands for the use of genuine materials, the preservation of skilled craftsmanship, and a commitment to superior quality that sets us apart from our competitors. With us, your outdoor space is not merely constructed; it is crafted.

  • Historic Masonry Restoration

  • Patios

    • Flagstone Wet and Dry laid​. Bluestone, limestone, granite, and many more

    • Outdoor Porcelain - We Love EverBlue and MSI Arterra Porcelain for patios. Anti-slip, doesn't get hot, no flaking, and endless options 

    • Concrete

  • Walls

    • Retaining Walls​

    • Building Stone Walls, Wet or Dry Stack

    • Boulder Walls

    • CMU Wall Facias Offered:

      • Thin Stone Veneer ​

      • Full Depth Stone Veneer​

      • Stucco

  • Curbing and Inlays 

  • Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits

  • Outdoor Kitchens and Pizza Ovens

  • Water Features and Fountains

Masonry Pricing Examples:

  • Mid-Sized Projects such as front walkways or back yard patios  $20K-$90K

  • Outdoor Fireplaces $30k+

  • Outdoor Kitchens $30k+

  • Full outdoor living projects, and projects with structures $100K+

Ready to begin?

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If you are ready to reach out, please take the time to review our Design and Development Agreement linked below, and contact us with more details on your project.

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