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Designing & Building Your Dream Landscape with Brandywine Design

Brandywine Design LLC Designing & Building Process finished project

Designing and building a landscape can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it can also be quite overwhelming and stressful. That's why choosing a landscaping company that understands your vision and can guide you through the process from start to finish is important. Brandywine Designs LLC is a landscape, masonry, and outdoor living space design company that strives to make the experience as seamless and organized as possible for its clients. Our elegant outdoor spaces and patio designs are customized to your needs and designed to improve your life. Here's what you can expect when designing and building a landscape with us!

1. Phone Call

The first step in the process is a simple phone call to discuss your project. Brandywine Designs will ask questions about your outdoor spaces and the changes you want to make to them to get a basic understanding of the project. If there is potential to work together, the company will set up a mutually agreeable meeting time.

2. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is where the real work begins. It may last from 1-2 hours or more, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Brandywine Designs will ask detailed questions to ensure they thoroughly understand your dreams for your new space. They will walk through the space with you and may ask to see the electrical panel, water shut-off, and any natural gas or propane systems. They will also discuss your budget for the project to ensure it is adequate for the scope of work discussed.

3. Conceptual Design and Project Development

The design process begins once the Project Design and Development Agreement has been accepted. Brandywine Designs will work closely with you to design the new space you are dreaming about and assist you in making all final selections of fixtures, materials, plant materials, and finishes.

4. Construction Agreement and Pricing

Once the design and specifications are complete, Brandywine Designs will present you with a formal Construction Proposal. This proposal includes detailed specifications for the project from start to finish, including all finishes and fixtures chosen during design and development. It's a fixed-cost proposal that consists of the final pricing for your project, which will not change unless both parties countersign an acceptable change order.

Brandywine Design LLC Designing & Building Process finished project masonry walkway

5. Construction Phase

The construction phase starts with the Pre-Construction Conference approximately two weeks prior to commencement. You will meet with your dedicated Project Manager, and discuss any unique details of the project, work times, the projected schedule for the project, and the confirmed start date. Brandywine Designs will proceed with the actual construction with weekly progress check-ins. Construction concludes with a beautiful new space you will love coming home to.

6. Completion Conference

After completing everything, Brandywine Designs will meet with you once more to walk through the finished space, address any final concerns, and ask for your feedback.

Designing and building your dream landscape with Brandywine Designs is a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our process of six steps leads to the final goal: a space you love coming home to. Let us turn your outdoor vision into reality. Partner with our team of expert landscape designers and builders to transform your ordinary space into an extraordinary landscape. Embrace the journey of creating an outdoor space that is distinctly yours and uncompromisingly beautiful. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. Contact Brandywine Designs today to start your journey to a beautiful new outdoor space.

View a gallery of our work and contact us today to get your outdoor project started and consult with one of our design experts.

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